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Upcoming TV and Animation on Blu-ray from Warner Home Video: Friends, DCU Animated, Scooby Doo, more

Every now and then, Warner Home Video throws open its virtual doors and allows their executives to participate in an online “chat” with consumers. These sessions generally involve a lot of requests for TV shows and films that are either steeped in legal issues, in really desperate need of an expensive remaster/restoration or so niche that there’s barely an audience to warrant distribution. That’s another way of saying that most of the stuff we ask for gets shot down. This past Monday, the Home Theatre Forum hosted another chat with WHV, this time with execs from the TV and Animation divisions. The full transcript is available to read here but we’ve culled the pertinent Blu-ray news from the lengthy document so you don’t have to wade through it yourself. …Continued…

[VIDEO] Wish List: Super Friends Season 1

It’s Saturday morning. I like to have a coffee (and pie, if it’s available) and watch a few cartoons before starting my day. Sadly, there’s not much on the old tube these days that holds my interest. Thank goodness for this collection of episodes from the first season of The Super Friends! …Continued…

Upcoming Animated DC Universe Blu-ray: ‘Green Lantern: First Flight’ Trailer and Interview, ‘Superman/Batman: Public Enemies’ Trailer

I can’t hide my dirty secret any longer - I’m a comic book nerd. I love seeing my old-favourite DC Comics heroes on the big screen. I also love animation. Warner’s DTV plan to hit us with an original superhero film a couple of times a year is kind of blowing my mind! It’s like getting chocolate in my peanut butter every six months. And the new trailer for upcoming fall release Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, posted above for your drooling pleasure, is extremely chocolaty!

Also blowing my mind is the fact that Warner Home Video was kind enough to send over this interview with Lauren Montgomery. She did a bang up job on their last release, Wonder Woman (which won a favourable review from The Blu-ray Blog). I expect Green Lantern: First Flight to be equally as solid. Check out the trailer that follows! …Continued…

Wonder Woman Blu-ray Disc Review

Pretty good. Exactly what I was expecting. Not as focussed, structurally sound or iconic as i’d hoped but completely serviceable. To be fair, nearly every single criticism I can throw at producer Bruce Timm, director Lauren Montgomery and crew’s animated Wonder Woman film can be explained away by it’s two most villainous foes - budget and running time. …Continued…

‘Wonder Woman’ Blu-ray Disc Review

‘Wonder Woman’ Blu-ray Disc Review … http://snurl.com/cxul1

Green Lantern Animated Blu-ray Details, Trailer Revealed

Warner Home Video and DC Comics bring the next animated superhero adventure to Blu-ray on July 28th

Wonder Woman Animation Comes to Blu-ray

Warner Home Video brings us DC Comics’ famed Amazon Princess, in her premiere animated adventure, Wonder Woman on Blu-ray and DVD on March 3rd, 2009.

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