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Green Lantern: First Flight Blu-ray – Executive Producer Bruce Timm Interview

Warner Home Video has forwarded another Green Lantern related interview on to yours truly. This one’s a biggee. It’s with the “man” himself. The creator of the DC Animated Universe as we know it. The man responsible for the Batman and Superman animated series, Justice League and all Warner’s direct to video superhero extravaganzas:

BRUCE TIMM! …Continued…

More Interviews for upcoming Green Lantern Animated Blu-ray: Juliet Landau and Alan Burnett

Warner Home Video has sent over another couple of interviews to promote their upcoming direct-to-video release, Green Lantern: First Flight (on Blu-ray July 28) I wouldn’t normally go in for the idea of just posting promo material outside of release news but I actually feel quite strongly about these animated DC Comics films. I think everyone involved is pushing themselves and their budgets to the limit to bring us the most compelling animated representations of DCs vast library of characters and stories. The Burnett interview in particular is of interest to comics fans and anyone curious about the process of adapting other mediums to the big (or small) screen.

Upcoming Animated DC Universe Blu-ray: 'Green Lantern: First Flight' Trailer and Interview, 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies' Trailer

I can’t hide my dirty secret any longer – I’m a comic book nerd. I love seeing my old-favourite DC Comics heroes on the big screen. I also love animation. Warner’s DTV plan to hit us with an original superhero film a couple of times a year is kind of blowing my mind! It’s like getting chocolate in my peanut butter every six months. And the new trailer for upcoming fall release Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, posted above for your drooling pleasure, is extremely chocolaty!

Also blowing my mind is the fact that Warner Home Video was kind enough to send over this interview with Lauren Montgomery. She did a bang up job on their last release, Wonder Woman (which won a favourable review from The Blu-ray Blog). I expect Green Lantern: First Flight to be equally as solid. Check out the trailer that follows! …Continued…