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I really misjudged Fantastic Mr. Fox. The previews and advertisements gave me the impression that it would turn out to be a poorly designed and hollow animated adaptation of a reasonably famous children’s book. I was drastically wrong on both counts. This film and its Blu-ray presentation are beyond good. They’re…ahem…Fantastic! …Continued…

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I have such a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi films of the late 70s/early 80s. I don’t doubt that they are responsible for my fascination with the trappings of nerd-dom, cialis online cheap, from gallivanting space adventures to heroic tales of flying men in capes. I count Clash of the Titans amongst the most influential of those films on my young mind. And I’m so excited to finally have it in my Blu-ray collection, cialis online cheap, warts and all. …Continued…

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This is a huge release week for me. One of the most important of the year. There’s not a lot hitting the shops today but a couple of films here number amongst my favourites. As always, xenical online, your clicks matter. If you enjoy this weekly column and want to support it and the site, xenical online, please make your purchases through our Amazon links. By doing so, xenical online, you’re directly helping the The Blu-ray Blog stay alive…just like Johnny 5.

I can’t believe I just typed that …Continued…

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I’m not sure how I missed this one last month. A trailer for Henry Selick’s (Coraline) stop-motion animated James and Giant Peach has turned up on YouTube! Disney has yet to announce the title so all that’s known about the release is what you can see in the trailer. However, ambien pills, it seems as if the Blu-ray disc is being marketed to take advantage of the upcoming Tim Burton film, ambien pills, Alice in Wonderland (Burton was a producer on Peach). It seems likely that we’ll see James and the Giant Peach on Blu-ray in a release that coincides with Wonderland, ambien pills, sometime in June. …Continued…

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Despite my love for the films of Wes Anderson there’s just something about this Fantastic Mr. Fox film that didn’t appeal to me when it was released. Maybe it was the hype surrounding it or the feeling that it was another trendy adaptation of a kids book aimed at the hipsters of my generation. As a result, doxycycline without prescription, I didn’t end up seeing it in the theatres. And now I regret missing it. Thankfully, doxycycline without prescription, I’m going to get another chance on March 23rd, doxycycline without prescription, when Fox brings it to Blu-ray! Details below: …Continued…

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Once upon a time I made a giant papier-mâché head of Clash of the Titans villain, purchase valium online, Calibos. Yeah, purchase valium online, I was obsessed with the film. Greek myths, purchase valium online, stop motion animation by the legendary Ray Harryhausen, purchase valium online, and Sir Laurence Olivier starring as the all powerful King of the gods, purchase valium online, Zeus – Titans has it all. You can understand my excitement then, purchase valium online, when I heard that the film would be hitting Blu-ray in a beautiful new Digibook edition. TImed, purchase valium online, of course, purchase valium online, to support the new big-screen adaptation hitting cinemas next year. …Continued…

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The wonderful stop-motion animated film by the director of Nightmare Before Christmas hits shelves on July 21st.

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