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Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Announced and Detailed

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Announced and Detailed

We found out about this bad boy ages ago but now Warner has unleashed the official details of the Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut 4 Blu-ray disc set. Hitting shops on November 3rd, this set features the long awaited cut of the film that includes everything but the kitchen sink. You get all the footage missing from the theatrical cut, the extended and deleted scenes and the animated Tales of the Black Freighter woven into one 3 hour and 58 minute “Ultimate” cut of the film. I’m not sure if I can sit through all of that but I’m willing to give it a shot, at least once! Details and images below:

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Blu-ray

215 minutes (vs. 162 minutes for Theatrical Cut and 190 minutes for Director’s Cut)
Video: 1080p VC-1
Audio: 5.1 Dolby TrueHD

Special Features:

Disc 1:

    • Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Film
    • Audio Commentary with Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons

Disc 2: Over 3 Hours of Special Features

    • The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics
    • Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes
    • Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World
    • Watchmen: Video Journals
    • My Chemical Romance Desolation Row
    • Under The Hood
    • Story Within A Story: The Books of Watchmen

Disc 3: Digital Copy of the Theatrical Version

Disc 4: Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics

Watchmen: Ultimate Ad Blu-ray

Via: DVDActive

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