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Watchmen: Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray Details Revealed

Watchmen: Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray Details Revealed

Watchmen Ultimate Blu-ray Flier

You see what happens when I disappear for a couple of days? You see the kind of thing that crops up while I’m busy fighting a cold, sleeping and working on comics? Yeah, that’s right. More Watchmen news…

But this is the news you need. News that will help you purchase wisely. News that we knew was on our doorstep, just waiting to break. Warner has sort-of inadvertently confirmed via a flier in early review copies of the Director’s Cut Blu-ray, the coming of their Watchmen: Ultimate Collector’s Edition 5-disc boxed set. We all knew this was a possibility. Director Zack Snyder pretty much told us so. This is not a surprise.

The surprise comes in the details. I don’t know what to make of this, to be honest. The Watchmen: Ultimate Collector’s Edition is going to hit shops around the holidays at the end of this year and only be available until June 2010!?! A limited time only release. Urgh…That’s kind of aggravating. Assuming it’s available in large enough quantities, you’ve got a whole six months to save up and track a copy down, if your loved ones don’t see fit to grace you with one under the Christmas tree (or like holiday celebratory apparatus).

The Blu-ray set will feature the rumoured super-long full cut of the film, incorporating The Black Freighter animated short into the excessive runtime with very little carry-over of extras from previous available editions. Instead we’ll find the Under the Hood mock-umentary (previously available on the Black Freighter Blu-ray), the Watchmen Motion Comic and a new commentary track with Snyder and Watchmen illustrator, Dave Gibbons.

Uhhh…Now apparently this is a five-disc set. Your guess is as good as mine as to what we’ll see spread across the 250gb of storage space, outside of what’s revealed on the flier. Another cut of the film? The extras from the UK Blu-ray disc release?

What are your Watchmen plans, now that the Ultimate cat is out of the bag?

Via: The HD Room

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