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Who watches the Watchmen on Blu-ray? Watchmen: Director's Cut Detailed, includes Facebook Social Media Connectivity

Who watches the Watchmen on Blu-ray? Watchmen: Director's Cut Detailed, includes Facebook Social Media Connectivity

Has it really been months since Watchmen was released theatrically? Seriously? I feel like I was just sitting in the Scotiabank’s IMAX theatre here in Montreal, wrestling with the awkward, bombastic confusion I was witnessing on-screen. I can admit, here and now, that I’m not sure if I’m ready to watch this film again. At least not right now. Maybe I’ll feel a little different when the Blu-ray street date of July 28 rolls around.

I am, however excited to play with the Watchmen: Director’s Cut Blu-ray disc as soon as possible. Warner Home Video is pushing the limits of BD-Live functionality with this release, giving us our first in-movie social media experience! While watching the film, you’ll be able to sync your Facebook friend network with BD-Live, allowing for interactive community-screening and commenting. Expect scores of posts on your “wall” regarding the lamentable song selection accompanying the Owl-Ship love scene (I love your work, Mr. Cohen…just not so much as the soundtrack to neon-lit, nasty superhero cavorting).

After taking a good, hard look at the special feature list of this upcoming Watchmen: Director’s Cut I’m not quite sure if this is the last we’ll be seeing of this title on home video. While the disc seems feature rich, the lack of inclusion of the theatrical cut (outside of the “Digital Copy” file provided) and the rumoured “Black Freighter” 205 minute cut (incorporating the animated feature, Tales of the Black Freighter) keeps it from feeling like a complete or comprehensive edition. Don’t be surprised to find an Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set on the shelves, much like Warner prepared for their I Am Legend double dip, sometime next year.

190 minutes (vs. 162 minutes for Theatrical Cut)
Video: 1080p VC-1
Audio: 5.1 Dolby TrueHD

Special Features:

• Maximum Movie Mode (BD exclusive split-screen, on-camera commentary)
• Watchmen: Focus Points
• The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics
• Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes (BD exclusive)
• Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World (BD exclusive)
• Music Video: Desolation Row (My Chemical Romance)
• Digital Copy (theatrical version)
• BD-Live

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