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Shout at the Devil Blu-ray Disc Review $19.97

Shout at the Devil Blu-ray Disc Review

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(1976, Blu-ray released October 8, 2013 – MSRP $19.97)


    Peter Hunt (DEATH HUNT) directed this fast-paced action film, based on the best-selling novel by Wilbur Smith. Lee Marvin (THE DIRTY DOZEN) stars as a gruff, opportunist Colonel Flynn O Flynn who enlists the help of an upper-class Englishman Sebastian Oldsmith (Roger Moore) to carry out his ivory smuggling operations in East Africa during World War I. When Sebastian falls in love with O Flynn s beautiful young daughter (Barbara Parkins) the unlikely duo come to blows in the jungle but put their differences aside when forced to get their fortune past German occupying forces readying a battleship for war. Also starring Ian Holm (ALIEN)
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11 James Bond films on Blu-ray for only $99.99 (UPDATED)

11 James Bond films on Blu-ray for only $99.99 (UPDATED)

Who doesn’t love a good deal? And who doesn’t love a good deal on James Bond Blu-ray discs? Well, this newest offer on is better than a good deal. It’s fracking amazing! All 11 of the James Bond films currently available on Blu-ray for less than $70! At just over $6.00 a film, you’re getting the best, lowest price these discs have ever seen. Interested? Here’s how you get that incredibly low price…

UPDATE: The code seems to only discount the set by $170 now, giving a final total of $99.99. Still an amazing deal, if you ask me!

First, do us the favour of using our Amazon link to click over to the Blu-ray set (Thanks, in advance!):


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Apply it at the final “PLACE ORDER” screen and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got the deal and a savings of over $200 $170 on some of the coolest films ever made!

You’re welcome!

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The Man With The Golden Gun Blu-ray Disc Review

The Man With The Golden Gun Blu-ray Disc Review

The Man With the Golden Gun Blu-rayYou know, this movie is really not as bad as I remember it.

Roger Moore returns as Bond in The Man With The Golden Gun, his second outing as British super-spy, 007. I’ve never been a big fan of Moore’s wimpy, jocular characterization but his sense of suave doesn’t seem to get in the way here. This isn’t one of the “great” Bond’s but it far out-performs Moore’s later, geriatric efforts in Octopussy and A View to a Kill. He’s on point. Ready for business. And up against one of the coolest villains in Bond history – Dracula!

All right, I’ll fess up. Any affection I have for this movie comes as a result of being a Dracula fanatic. Christopher Lee, most famous for his portrayal of the undead Count in Hammer‘s series of horror films, cuts a fantastic, villainous figure no matter the film franchise: Evil wizard Saruman in Lord of the Rings, Sith Lord Count Dooku in Star Wars or tri-nippled hitman Francisco Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun. The man is legend.

Britt Ekland and Hervé Villechaize round out a fairly strong cast (strangely, they would re-team on the 80s TV show, Fantasy Island) who manage to keep the pedestrian plot from sinking into complete malaise. The Man With The Golden Gun is not great cinema. The script is lazy, falling back on Bond and action/comedy cliches. But somehow, the dynamic personalities on-screen keep me interested. Keep the film alive!

The disc, like most of the FOX/MGM James Bond efforts on Blu-ray, looks better than ever! This isn’t a revelatory transfer, like Dr. No but crisp and balanced in every way. Colours seem true and and there’s a lot of detail to appreciate up on the screen. I would say, it’s so true to the film elements, in fact, that Scaramanga’s third nipple has never looked more fake than on Blu-ray!

Extras on this disc, like the Licence to Kill Blu-ray, reviewed earlier on The Blu-ray Blog are plentiful and echo the previously released DVD:

• Audio Commentary Featuring Sir Roger Moore

• Audio Commentary Featuring Director Guy Hamilton and members of the cast and crew

• Guy Hamilton: The Director Speaks

• Roger Moore and Herve Villechaize – The Russel Harty Show
On Location with The Man with the Golden Gun

• The Road to Bond: Stunt Coordinator W.J. Milligan, JR.

• Girls Fighting Featurette

• 007 Mission control: Interactive Guide into the World of The Man with the Golden Gun

• American Thrill Show Stunt Film
• Double-0 Stuntment: A Look at the Greatest Stunts and Stunt Performers in the Bond Films

• Inside The Man with the Golden Gun – An Original Documentary

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