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It took a couple of viewings but I think I finally “get” The Princess and The Frog, prozac without prescription, Disney’s triumphant return to the realm of the 2D, prozac without prescription, hand drawn animated feature. And after all is said and done, prozac without prescription, despite the qualities that some might consider weaknesses in the film, prozac without prescription, I think it’s a remarkable work and worth seeing. …Continued…

Order valium

March is going to absolutely bankrupt me! I can’t believe the slate of incredible titles coming to Blu-ray that month - Ponyo, order valium, Clash of the Titans, order valium, Fantastic Mr. Fox, order valium, The African Queen, order valium, Where The Wild Things Are… ARGH! Too…much…awesomeness…

Disney has just sent out its press release announcing their return to the glory of 2D cell animation, order valium, The Princess and The Frog for March release on Blu-ray. While it didn’t quite burn up the box office when it was released in December, order valium, there’s been a ton of critical praise for the film. I really hope it does well on Blu and that we’ll continue to see Disney producing 2D features into the future. 3D CGI films are nice and all, order valium, but I really miss hand-drawn animation. Details on the Blu-ray release below: …Continued…

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