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I dearly wish this was a contest to win my own personal Moto-Terminator. It goes without saying that I’d have its silicon brain removed and all its robotic killer instincts put at my disposal. And I would promise to use my newfound cybernetic power and speed only for good (and maybe the occasional street race) helping to save the innocent and feed the starving. I would be the ultimate cybernetic superman! While that wish may never come true, we all now have the chance to win the motorcycle the Moto-Terminator was based on – the Ducati Hypermotard 796!


That’s right, that bad-boy up there, very similar to the ones used in Terminator Salvation, could be yours, courtesy of Warner Bros. and Ducati. Just click on the image above and sign up for a chance to win (US residents only.) While you’re at it, check out the video on the promo page. Looks like a sneak peek at one of the Blu-ray special features we’ll be seeing on the disc when it hits shops on December 1st!

LINK: Terminator Salvation: Win a Ducati Motorcycle Sweepstakes!

LINK: Terminator Salvation website

    “Ducati North America is excited to introduce the newest model in its successful Hypermotard family; the Hypermotard 796.

    A brand new model for 2010, the Hypermotard 796 incorporates many new features requested by Ducatisti worldwide; striking color selections, lighter weight, lower price point, lower seat height, and the inclusion of a super-light action APTC clutch. Whether it’s dicing through the daily commute or attacking the open roads, the 796 perfectly balances Ducati’s unrivalled twin-cylinder power and sportbike heredity with the lightweight and minimalist Supermotard concept.

    Think of it as the big Hypermotard, just on a diet and at an extremely affordable price. The Hypermotard 796’s engine is a brand new powerplant; air-cooled with 2 valves per cylinder as per Ducati tradition. Rated at 81hp and 56 lb/ft of torque, the engine promises to deliver an exhilarating ride without compromising the smooth tractability found in Ducati’s other L-Twin engines.

    Continued chassis development to the Hypermotard includes redesigned top and bottom fork clamps, and an improved frame layout which eliminates almost all of the forged elements used previously on the 1100. This adds up to an agile, lightweight, 368 pound package that is guaranteed to attack corners.

    The Hypermotard 796 will be available at authorized Ducati showrooms beginning in December 2009. Color selections will include Ducati red, matte black, and matte white. MSRP for the Hypermotard 796 will be $9,995, joining the Monster 696 in Ducati’s sub- $10,000 price bracket; a bargain for the handmade Italian motorcycle.”

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Snow White "Magic Mirror" iPhone App Giveaway Contest (UPDATE – Winners Announced!), 30 Oct 2009 14:30:13 +0000Brenden

Did you get a chance to watch Disney‘s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Blu-ray yet? Isn’t it amazing? You might recall how I gushed about it in my review. Well, my feelings haven’t changed. I think it’s in the running for disc of the year. Great feature, great transfer, great extras. All available for a pretty great price (still only $19.99 at!) They’re practically giving the disc away over there!

And speaking of giveaways, I’ve got a nice little Halloween present to offer a couple of you Snow White fans with iPhones. Disney’s reps have been good enough to offer me a couple of codes for the “Magic Mirror” iPhone/iPod Touch application and I’ll be giving them away tomorrow! No trick necessary for this treat. Just leave a comment below before the Witching hour tomorrow night (uh…that’s 12 midnight, I think…and let’s say Pacific time, just for s#!&$ and giggles, ok?) and I’ll pick two winners at random, to be announced early Sunday morning. Here’s the catch – the codes expire on Monday, Nov. 2nd!!! So, winners, you’ve got to get on it quickly and redeem those bad boys in the iTunes app store ASAP once you claim your prize.


1. Leave comment below (say anything you like)
2. 2 winners will be chosen at random from comments below
3. Contest open to all
4. Prize codes will be awarded Sunday morning, Nov. 1st!
5. Prize codes expire on Monday, Nov. 2nd!


PLEASE NOTE: iPod Touch users will need external earphones and microphone for speaking your questions to the Magic Mirror.

Inspired by one of the most iconic scenes from Walt Disney’s Original Animated Classic SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS comes Disney’s Magic Mirror for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Receive advice and answers to your questions from the all-knowing Magic Mirror by speaking or typing into your device.


• The Magic Mirror bestows sage advice with dispassionate truth and poetic rhymes!
• Ask any question, future or present — romance, friendship, school, or work!
• Dazzling animation — just like the film!
• Type or speak your questions (microphone required for iPod touch)


This fun and entertaining application includes state-of-art animation, official character voice and answers to almost any question!

Read more about the application or purchase it in the iTunes app store.





Lisa Morgan-Long!

You’ll both be contacted soon via email with your “Magic Mirror” code. Remember to redeem the codes quickly as they expire tomorrow!

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