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Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel Blu-ray Disc Review $29.99

Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel Blu-ray Disc Review


(2011, Blu-ray released March 27, 2012 – MSRP $29.99)

THE FILM:CORMAN’S WORLD: EXPLOITS OF A HOLLYWOOD REBEL is a tantalizing and star-studded tribute to Roger Corman, Hollywood’s most prolific writer-director producer, and seminal influencing force in modern moviemaking over the last 60 years. Featuring interviews with Hollywood icons and cinematic luminaries, some who launched their careers within Corman’s unforgettable world of filmmaking, including, Paul W.S. Anderson, Peter Bogdanovich, Robert DeNiro, Peter Fonda, Pam Grier, Ron Howard, Eli Roth, Martin Scorcese, William Shatner and many others, this documentary chronicles how Corman created his cult film empire, one low-budget success at a time, capitalizing on undiscovered talent, and pushing the boundaries of independent filmmaking.

Director Alex Stapleton weaves archival footage following Roger’s illustrious career: From his early days of genre-defining classics including the original Fast and Furious, the original Little Shop of Horrors, The Crybaby Killer, The Intruder, House of Usher, and The Wild Angels (which at that point in 1966 was his 100th film) — with present day video of him and his wife Julie on location still at work as they continue to produce and distribute films outside the studio system: fast, cheap and out-of-this-world!”

WHO SHOULD BUY: Wow! Anyone interested in film, film history, making movies on the cheap or Hollywood in general should rush out and grab a copy of Corman’s World. At 90-minutes long, it’s not the deepest, most complete profile of the director and his films that could possibly have been made (I’m aching for more detail on the Poe films and Corman’s many collabs with Vincent Price, but alas…) but it paints an incredibly vivid picture of the man, the motion picture business and means and methods of producing films on a ridiculously low budget. With so much information, so many film clips and interviews with so, so many celebs jam-packed into the brief runtime, you can’t help but enjoy this, director Alex Stapleton’s great, little love-letter to a trailblazing filmmaker who changed the face of Hollywood and launched innumerable influential careers.

THE BLU-RAY DISC: This is a fine looking Blu-ray that manages to handily blend footage of all varieties into a seamless 1080p experience. There’s little “wow” factor here but detail, colour and contrast are all solid. Likewise, the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track does a decent job smoothing out the bumps and dips in quality through the many interviews and clips, with the buk of the audio being dialogue delivered through the center channel. Special features are, sadly, few and amount to around an extra half-hour of content – extended interviews culled from footage not used in the film (in other words, deleted scenes) and personal video messages from the interviewees to their pal, Roger. I would’ve killed for the doc to have been coupled with one or two of Corman’s classic films but that seems a lot to ask. The disc is rounded out with a trailer.


    • Extended Interviews
    • Special Messages to Roger
    • Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel Trailer

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