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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011

I’ve got two questions for you – what are you getting your dad for father’s day, and does he like movies? If you answered “I don’t know” and “yes, he does” to those questions, The Blu-ray Blog has got just the thing to help you make your old man’s special day a little more… Blu.


Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology (1978-2006) [Blu-ray]

With Green Lantern hitting the big screen this weekend nerd-dads will be in utter bliss. Why not continue feeding their superhero cravings with Warner‘s latest super-boxed set, the fantastic, 8-disc Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology. Packed with 5 classic films (2 versions each of the first, and best, two), 17 cartoons and hours upon hours of docs and commentary tracks, this is unquestionable the finest high-def superhero gift set available.

AMAZON: $89.99

Robin of Sherwood: Set 1 [Blu-ray]

If your dad is a proper nerd, his fascination with fantasy doesn’t end with guys in capes and warp-drive powered starships. He probably loves himself some good old sword and sorcery too! With that in mind, why not hook him up with the first season of the classic, British Robin of Sherwood series, now on Blu-ray and looking better than ever? This ‘modern’, young take on the story of the bandits of Sherwood forest is far more gripping and real than any version before or since, despite the odd episode that relies too deeply on paganism and magic. The 4-disc set carries over all the special features of the DVDs and is worth every penny.

AMAZON: $59.99


Le Mans [Blu-ray] (1971)Grand Prix [Blu-ray] (1966)

Last weekend was crazy here, in Montreal, what with all the F1 cars buzzing around downtown. We live far out of the core, in the east end of the city and the roar of the cars could be heard clearly, even at that distance. I couldn’t help but think of both Grand Prix and Le Mans, both of which I had just watched on newly released Blu-ray discs from Warner and Paramount, respectively. Both discs sport excellent, vivid transfers and would no doubt be a treat for any car enthusiast.

AMAZON: $17.99, $14.99


The Cincinnati Kid [Blu-ray] (1965)The Hustler [Blu-ray Book] (1961)

Does the old man like fliks about cool dudes being cool? Well, it doesn’t get much cooler than Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. Pick them up in these fine, new Blu-ray editions of The Cincinnati Kid and The Hustler. Both feature handsome, new HD transfers and a ton of extras. The Hustler goes one better though, packaged in a sweet, hardcover digi-book, packed with photos and film trivia! How do you like that?!

AMAZON: $13.99, $22.99


Platoon (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (1986)Tigerland [Blu-ray] (2000)

Fox/MGM recently released a couple of very fine Blu-ray discs of very fine war films. Both Platoon and Tigerland look and sound better than ever on Blu-ray disc and feature all the extras from previously available DVD editions of the films. Neither presentation is slick or new enough to properly show off dad’s expensive home theatre gear but if he’s the kind of guy who likes a war film, he’ll appreciate these discs.

AMAZON: $15.49, $20.99


True Grit (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (2010)Once Upon a Time in the West [Blu-ray] (1968)Vera Cruz [Blu-ray] (1954)Long Riders [Blu-ray] (1980)

The Comancheros (50th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray] (1961)The Outlaw Josey Wales (Blu-ray Book Packaging)A Man Called Horse [Blu-ray] (1970)Rio Lobo [Blu-ray] (1970)

I love a western as much as the next guy. Maybe not as much as my dad does but probably as much as the next guy, anyway. But I seriously don’t get why and how the studios have unleashed so many western catalogue films onto Blu-ray over the last month. I mean, I’m not complaining here. This is some great stuff! But all at once?! It’s western mayhem!!

I have a feeling the onslaught is due to the timing of the release of the Coen brother‘s True Grit remake, which hit shelves last week. It’s a stellar disc of a pretty stellar film. You can’t go wrong with it. Fox’s digibook release of The Comancheros is also pretty sweet. Though Paramount’s Once Upon a Time in the West doesn’t sport any nifty packaging of the sort, it’s a must-own for any fan of the genre, as the classic film has received a gorgeous upgrade to high-def.

AMAZON: Various (Click Blu-ray covers for details)


Stanley Kubrick Limited Edition Collection

Maybe your dad just loves movies. If he’s like me, he’s not particularly concerned with genre, he just wants to watch a damn fine film. And really, there’s no better films than those of Stanley Kubrick. For the true film fan, this new Kubrick boxed set from Warner is pure bliss.

This 9-film, 10-disc collection includes the director’s entire oeuvre, short of his pre-1960 works (Fear and Desire, still unavailable on home video, Killer’s Kiss and The Killing coming to Criterion Blu-ray in August and Paths of Glory which you can grab on an awesome Criterion Blu right now.) The tenth disc in the set features a couple of docs – one on Kubrick, the other on A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell. The entire thing is packaged in a gorgeous, thick, hardcover digibook that makes this feel like the most substantial gift a film fan could ever have on their shelves. If you dad is a movie nut, he’s going to love this!

AMAZON: $104.99

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