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Top 5 New Blu-ray releases for the Week of July 6

Top 5 New Blu-ray releases for the Week of July 6

Looks like we’re back on track, over here at The Blu-ray Blog. We’ve been hack-free for several days now and finally able to begin playing catch-up on all the news and reviews we’ve had waiting in the wings for the last couple of weeks. But first, before we hit you up with any more content, take a look at all the new titles hitting shops this week. As always, clicking on any of the Blu-ray covers will zap you over to where any purchase you make will afford our efforts a small percentage of the cost, helping to keep this column going and The Blu-ray Blog online. And we appreciate every click. Thank you!


A Single Man is fashion designer Tom Ford‘s first and only effort behind the camera thus far. And it’s one of the finest films of the year. As you’d expect, every moment is utter visual perfection. So much so, in fact, that it’s been derided for being too meticulous in its design. Too perfect. But to me that’s not only an integral part of the film for reason of visual integrity but it plays directly into the narrative. Colin Firth gives a stunning Oscar nominated and BAFTA winning performance as a meticulous single man, lost in his well-ordered life after the death of his partner. I haven’t seen the Blu-ray release of this film yet but I can only imagine it will achieve the levels of technical perfection that Ford would demand.

Highly recommended!

Amazon: $23.99


All right. Honestly, Jason and the Argonauts should be my number one pick this week. I can’t get over this disc! I’ve been in love with the film since I was a child but the new Blu-ray disc from Sony has just blown me away. The film looks and sounds better than ever here. And the special features are out of this world.

Read my full review here: Jason and the Argonauts Blu-ray Disc Review

Amazon: $20.49


How amazing is this? After delivering an incredible Blu-ray disc edition of Buster Keaton‘s The General late last year, Kino has gone back to the vaults for another silent masterpiece, Steamboat Bill Jr. I’ve got the disc here but haven’t had a chance to screen it yet but if it lives up to Kino’s recent high-def work, it’ll be a stunner. The disc is packed with a ton of great special features as well, including an entire second cut of the film, edited together with variant takes and camera angles.

Full review coming this week!

Amazon: $31.49


I hate to say it, but I’m almost getting sick of hearing about Stieg Larsson‘s popular series of books and their cinematic adaptations in the way I was sick of the hype surrounding Dan Brown and his DaVinci Code nonsense five years ago. That said, I understand that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a pretty great film and worth your time, whether you’re a fan of the book or not. It’s out today on Blu in the USA from Music Box Films and in Canada from Alliance. $19.99 $24.99


Yeah! It’s another week filled to the brim with awesome Warner Double Feature Blu-ray releases! Personally, I love these things, if for no other reason than a lot of the time they are delivering catalogue films that we otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to see in high-def. And usually at an amazing price! Yes, it’s a shame that there aren’t any bonus features on Tony Scott‘s very cool The Last Boy Scout or George Miller‘s classic, The Witches of Eastwick, but hey, I’m just happy to have them on Blu at this point. Warner continues to give us more catalogue films on Blu-ray per year than any other studio and I think they should be applauded for that.

UPDATE: I’ve now had a chance to screen the Practical Magic/Witches of Eastwick double feature and it’s a mixed bag. Not as all-around solid as my beloved Dirty Harry double feature sets. While Practical Magic looks like a million bucks, I simply couldn’t stand the film. I had high hopes that it would live up to the storytelling status of its disc-buddy, Witches, but it can’t hold a candle to that film. Magic is more Lilith Fair than Devil worship. Witches of Eastwick, on the other hand, is a cracking good film that, sadly, hasn’t aged well. By that, I mean it’s clearly a product of the 80s in both its design and its film stock. The transfer gets off to a wobbly start (must have been a rough day at the telecine) and doesn’t even out to any satisfactory extent. Luckily, it’s such a great movie with such a wonderful cast that you won’t mind all too much.

Amazon: $18.99 each

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