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Sony to Cut PlayStation 3 Price $100 in August, $99 Blu-ray Players by Holidays

Home Media Magazine has gotten a quote from Arvind Bhatia, media analyst with Sterne Agee in Dallas, stating that Sony will drop the Playstation 3 by $100 before EA‘s Madden NFL 2010 is released on August 18th. Sony has previously stated that their goal is to increase console business by 30% in 2009.

“That’s not going to happen unless they lower the price significantly,” Bhatia said. “It’s widely known that a price cut is going to happen; it’s a question of when and how much.”

This sounds pretty likely to me, in the wake of all the PS3 Slim rumours swirling around the inter-webs. Sony can drop the price of the old version of the console, while pimping their newer, slimmer model for the original MSRP of $399. An old-school PS3 for $299 is nothing to sneeze at. I think a lot of people would be anxious to scoop one up for that price, even with the newer, flashier, sexier model on the shelves.

In other get-yo’self-a-blu-ray-player news, it’s being reported that the the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) are predicting a slew of $99 Blu-ray players to hit around the holidays this year. Giving their outlook for the second half of 2009 at last week’s CEA Line Show and Digital Downtown Conference in New York City, the CEA noted that Blu-ray is seeing strong sales fueled by plummeting prices. They feel that a steep price drop on players would keep up this momentum.

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