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Deal Alert: Ghostbusters Blu-ray only $9.99 at Amazon (UPDATED)

Holy crap! It’s a frickin’ deal a minute here on the The Blu-ray Blog today!

It’s come to our attention, thanks to fantastic sites like The Digital Bits and High-Def Digest that a couple of secret codes are kicking about, playing at being the Key-master to Amazon‘s Gate-keeper of Gozarian savings! Use both the codes sonypic5 and ghostblu when purchasing Ghostbusters on Blu-ray and you can save yourself a whopping 10 bucks off the $19.99 purchase price! Remember to use both codes, as each is only worth $5. There’s no guarantee how long these babies will last either, so hurry over to Amazon and snatch up some Ectoplasmic goodness.

Bustin’ prices makes me feel good!

…. Uhhhhh…. Sorry….

UPDATE: Looks like Amazon has gone and killed the $10 off deal already. You can only use one of the codes now….Sigh…That didn’t last long. Oh well, $5 off is nothing to sneeze at, right?

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